Off-site Support

Outsourcing decisions are mostly driven by the following objectives:

  • Achievement of cost/efficiency savings
  • Redistribution of business and commercial risk
  • Improvements to service delivery and control
  • Access to specific skills or expertise
  • Business transformation

Organizations are looking to increase margins and show differentiation by reducing their operating expenses via outsourcing their non-core functions like operations that have very structured and matured processes, inputs, outputs, OLAs(operational level agreements) and SLAs(service level agreements), and instead, concentrating on core organizational functions.

Organizations gain significant value by outsourcing NTG's Center of Excellence (CoE). NTG's CoE comprises of functional and cross-functional teams that look both inside and outside the organization to capture new knowledge and practices.

Whether it's a short-term project or a long-term tenure, NTG also provides outsourcing of resources from the most junior level developer to senior level executives.

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