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Your Outsourcing
Canadian Partner

NTG is your local partner to outsourcing world-class talented Developers, Software Engineers, Programmers, Cloud Architects, and other Professional Consultants. Multinational companies and Start-ups partners with us for their short and long term projects.
Manage Your
Offshore team
We concluded our extensive experience with offshore outsourcing in a business model that focuses on your core business needs. Our methodologies will enable you to manage your offshore team without worrying about time zone differences, or other culture barriers. Our dedicated team in Canada will liaison between you and your offshore team based on your chosen model.

Your success
Our business

Since 1992, NTG have accomplished hundreds of complex Telecom and IT Projects in Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East and almost every continent in the world. We have been in your position; we understand your business challenges and we are ready to share our solutions with you to accomplish your business goals.

Our Technologies

Successful startups look for space to achieve their business goals by outsourcing limited number of developers for certain objectives, while most of corporate Canada and United States chase every opportunity to find the trusted partner in order to outsource their IT department or to build a qualified offshore development team.

Find the Technologies which our world class professionals can help you with.

Our Process

If market average length of the hiring process is 30 days, outsourcing process with NTG takes as minimal as 48 hours. Note that it could take couple of weeks when building a whole offshore team.

NTG offshore software development is based on a global team concept where few team members or client IT staff works with end customer through a Canadian based liaison to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope changes.

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Our People

Our vision is to be the most trusted outsourcing partner company in Canada.

At NTG you find world-class talented Software Engineers, Project Managers, Developers, Business Analysts and Mobile Developers with entrepreneurship spirit.

We only hire the best professionals who take ownership of their work and carry years of experience dealing with various clients.


Outsourcing in technology is not as complex as it sounds; as long as you have the local trusted partner. The process is supposed to be simple and easier than hiring a local candidate. Whether in the telecom industry, banking, insurance, medical, education or technology, NTG can be your local outsourcing partner, and the same applies across most of industries.
Application Development
In today's dynamic and fast changing world, every company wishes to stay ahead or at least on par with its competitors. This is possible only if the businesses have the right strategies and systems in place.
Enterprise Solutions
Large sized enterprises with multiple locations, departments, people and systems, have been facing challenges like collaboration, real-time exchange of information, and workflow management.
Mobile Apps
Mobile technology has changed everybody’s life to a great extent. For companies, it facilitates wider and unparalleled reach to the target audience, enhances the service standards, better cooperation and communication among employees and also supports business transformation opportunities within an enterprise.
Cloud Services
In today’s fast-paced global business scenario, organizations need easily accessible, scalable and cost-effective software solutions. This purpose is served with the inherent characteristics of cloud technology, like on-demand, speed, agility, scalability, responsiveness and above all cost reduction.
Big Data Analytics
Businesses are growing leaps and bounds since last few decades, resulting in many heterogeneous systems generating an enormous amount of structured / unstructured data.
Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires another company or an individual to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services that are either usually executed or had previously been done by the company's own employees.

27+ Years of

We will help you work out what your hiring needs are and prepare detailed job profiles, while a dedicated account manager will source potential candidates, run through the initial screening processes, then present you with our recommended shortlist. You then are able to screen the selected candidates to make an informed decision.

The emerged technologies create a challenge for corporations IT departments. Our extensive experience in these areas can help you reduce your cost and make you confident you are outsourcing only what needs to be outsourced.




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© 2020 NTG Clarity, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2020 NTG Clarity, Inc. All rights reserved.